The XQ Competition

From September 2015-May 2016, team Dida was hard at work compiling a comprehensive multimedia proposal for the XQ Super School Competition. Winning teams will receive $10 million each to open a new high school.

The XQ Super School Competition is made possible by a $50 million grant from Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of Apple’s Steve Jobs.

"The Super School Project aims to bring the nation together to imaginatively and ambitiously rethink what the American high school can - and must - be." (

"[T]he initiative is meant to create high schools with new approaches to education. In essence, Ms. Powell Jobs and her team of high-profile educators and designers hope they can crowd-source a solution to a problem that has flummoxed policy makers for decades...[T]he campaign is meant to inspire teams of educators and students, as well as leaders from other sectors, to come up with new plans for high schools." (Laurene Powell Jobs Commits $50 Million to Create New High Schools)

Dida made it past the first phase and into the Semi-Final round (350 Semi-Finalists were chosen from around 700 submissions). The winners will be announced in August, 2016.