Summer '16 Fellow: Migel Haynes

About Migel

Migel Julian “Migos” Haynes 16, innovative, accountable, and stalwart. I’m extremely fascinated by the arts and I’m always trying to articulate the arts in everything I do. I’m a rising senior at The High School for Public Service and I’m currently undecided on what career to pursue. I do know that whatever career I choose I will keep my positive attitude, charisma, and will find a way to continue to inspire those I cross paths with and remain a role model for many.

Migel's Project: Migos: An Introspection

My project has a lot of complex questions and I didn’t know how to make them simpler, so I decided to make a documentary on my life hoping to not answer the questions, but to explore them. To explore as many sides of me, “Migos,” as I transition from different settings and workplaces including: LTG, Assembly member Rodneyse Bichotte’s Office, and Dida. You’ll also see how I use my skills and talents every day to continue to better myself and learn in various settings.