Design Thinking

There is nothing worse than creating projects provide no value to anyone. At Dida Academy we strongly believe in developing design thinking mindsets so that students are able to create meaningful projects throughout their life for work and self. 

Step 1: Empathize

Step 2: Define

Step 3: Ideate

Step 4:  Prototype

Step 5: Test

Check out this video on how Design Thinking prepares students for life after school. 


Student Project: Kelcy H.

Project idea:

Help build confidence in teenage girls with an impact in education, social awareness, and self esteem.

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Final Project:

Blossom Be You.

“I can be many things...” Seventeen female voices speak in unison on a summer Saturday afternoon..

“...but I will always be a blossom,” continues Toniann, the recitation leader for the Blossom Be You pledge.

“But I will always be a blossom,” repeats the room of young women. The words of the pledge are displayed in handwritten turquoise on the whiteboard above the circle of seats.  “Rooted in responsibility. [all repeat] Showered in self-love. [all repeat] Water in wisdom…” Toniann leads quickly and clearly.

This is the first of five empowerment workshops for teen girls presented by Blossom Be You, a project founded by twenty-year-old Kelcy H. with the help of Dida Academy. Each Blossom event includes activities to support introspection and social bonding while offering actionable steps to grow confidence in participants’ personal and professional lives. By the second workshop, a few girls had the pledge memorized...