Our Approach


Classes & Workshops

We provide a variety of engaging classes and workshops ranging from fundamental academic courses like Writing and Algebra to creative workshops such as Film Production and Graphic Design. Classes and workshops run every week.

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Portfolio Program & Exhibition

At the end of every journey is a destination. Students will create a passion project that helps discover interests and build project management skills towards a college or career ready portfolio.

Near project finish, students will practice public speaking, and story telling to present their projects in an open exhibition at the end of the year. 


Advising & Mentorship

At the heart of our model is the student/facilitator relationship. Facilitators act as mentors and college/career advisors helping students manage interests, applications, and opportunities that will push them into making a real difference in communities. 

Facilitators will aid students in growing portfolios that represent skills and knowledge gained to show admissions officers or employers on the next step of their journey.


Freedom & Flexibility

We believe that students and parents should have the freedom and flexibility to create custom learning plans that fulfill student interests and needs. 

Dida offers assistance in creating an IHIP (Individualized Home Instruction Plan) and transitioning from traditional schools.