Dida Academy is a self-directed learning center that puts students first.


At Dida, students aged 11-18 explore their interests, direct their own learning, and turn ideas into reality. Our facilitators support students through mentorship, project planning, workshops, and field trips. We provide an environment where each student can discover passions, develop skills, and thrive on their unique learning journey towards a fulfilling future.

We operate 5 days a week from our dynamic learning space in Park Slope, Brooklyn.



Upcoming Events at Dida

Event Location: 823 President Street, Brooklyn. Email danielle@didaacademy.org to RSVP.

Tuesday, October 29, 7-8:30pm

Open House

Meet our team, see our space, and get your questions answered. Come to our Open House to learn about our innovative learning center for homeschooled students. Formal presentation will begin around 7:30pm, followed by Q&A.

Tuesday, December 10, 7-8:30pm

Networking for Child-Centered Professionals

Local professionals who work with youth from a child-centered approach are invited to this event. You’ll learn about Self-Directed Education, the work of Dida Academy, share your work, and brainstorm for future collaborations.

RSVP by Tuesday, November 19 (email danielle@didaacademy.org).

Tuesday, December 17, 7-8:30pm

Winter Party

Current students and their families are invited to celebrate a wonderful fall term and welcome the winter season. We’ll gather for a potluck feast (please bring a dish to share) and reflect on what we’ve learned over the past several months.




We believe that people learn best when they are intrinsically motivated. At Dida Academy, students are free to direct their own learning with guidance from adult facilitators. In contrast to conventional schools, where students are extrinsically motivated by tests and grades, Dida fosters deep and meaningful learning by giving students agency over what and how they learn.



Dida facilitators develop an authentic relationship with each student to help them build self-awareness, collaboration skills, and personal accountability. Through mentor conversations and democratic meetings, students set their learning goals, troubleshoot obstacles, and navigate their learning journey. Facilitators provide coaching and resources to support students on a learning path they love.



At Dida, we break the barrier between “education” and the “real world.” Dida students launch passion projects small and large, from animation to game design, filmmaking, and beyond. We curate activities and guest visitors that expose students to exciting opportunities and career paths. Our community embarks on frequent field trips to immerse in NYC’s diverse culture.



"I am blown away by how the Dida team understands my son. Dida has helped his confidence and independence, and it's overflowing into other areas of his life." -Dida Parent


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